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This South Park beauty has a degraded landscape. In addition to adding plant material, upgrading the hardscape to coordinate with the era of the property will return it to it's rightful place in the neighborhood.
The concrete drive path has been replaced with brick and the gate rebuilt in the "craftsman" style of the house.
Adding automated irrigation, and readying the original planting as a foundation, we are ready to "revive" landscape interest.
Brick additions, color plantings and a new sod lawn complete the restoration.
In the rear yard an added deck and redwood railings are under construction.
Now complete, the deck looks over a rejuvinated rear yard with new plantings and sod on a automated irrigation system.
The side drive entry has a large residence under construction just the other side of the fence. As the dinning area looks out on this scene we needed to prep it up and provide future privacy.
Plantings between the drive paths and adding a bamboo planter give this area the cleaned up look and will provide for privacy from the two story building under construction next door.
An "oldie but goodie" in South Park has a face lift and is ready to go another 50 years.

Click on the first photo and take the tour. The first photo is a "before" shot followed by an "after" shot.
South Park
Front of the house the day we started.
That same view the day we finished.
....and one year later. Good job by the home owners on proper maintenance!
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