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Mission Hills
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Beautiful Mission Hills home is completely renovated for the 2000's.

Click on the first photo and take the tour. The first photo is a "before" shot followed by the series of progress shots.

The final is the entry as it looks today.
From the front street, we pour the foundational work for a gated entry.Now in place, the concrete and block work define the area.Now the finsih work begins. Pavers will cover the walking surfaces.Plants are installed. All that remains are stucco finish coloring and the gate.It has had a few years aging now but time has only enhanced the beauty of the entry invitation.
What is to become the courtyard is covered in the debris of the remodeling process.It is beginning to take place. With the definition of the paver area and exposure of the hillside we can start to visualize a finished product.The paver pathway and wall constructioin are complete. Some hadscape coloring has yet to take place but we're close.Now complete with stucco coloring on the walls, pavers in place and the artificial sod and plant material adding the final touch to the interior courtyard. Night lighting enables a 24 hour a day area use.
Interior Courtyard
Entry Gate
Approaching the front door requires some navigational skills!Stone covers the house entrance. Pavers now dictate where we walk and define the planting areas and vistas we will enjoy.Faux-stone blankets the entry. Plant materials and artificial sod lend balance to the hardscape aspect of the job; all for a visually appealing entryway. Oh, and the view!
Front Door
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Foundation work, walls, pavers, faux-stone, artificial sod: all required for this classic.
Stand in the middle of the entry courtyard and look one way, then the other. Move your cursor over the photo.
Entry Patio