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Bay Park
The entry was a bit overgrown and not really accented.The old concrete is removed and replaced with a ribboned flagstone.  Final touch is acid staining the concrete. The openess of the entry will be ovegrown with palms, once again. sooner than you think. And that leads to a move natural appearance.These flagstone stacked stairs are a wonderful addition to the entry area. In the evening, the path lighting enables easy access in the beautiful setting.Moving around to the side patio area, we find an attempted flagstoen patio construction that went awry. Leaving the residence, we encounter a delightful path decending to the street parking as well as the garage area.Put together nicely now, this quiet space is viewed out of a double glass door. The fountains attaract hummingbirds and the sound of the cascading water is enchanting.This patio is set on decomposed granite and the mortar lines are infilled with pebble river rock. Thsis is totally appropriate for a lightly used space.Moving arond to the rear patio/ outdoor living area the same flagstone incorporated in the side patio is again used here only now, for a high use area, the flagstone is laid on a concrete base and jointed with a mortar mix.The area is built as a an outdoor kitchen with appliances under the red pergola and a fire pit is being added for cozy evening entertainment.The spa is complemented with a pergola that matches the kitchen design and the flagstone is now insterted in a lawn area for a charming effect.Lighted pathways guide the user around teh entire property. Each area you visit is blended to have a similar characteristic as the proevious but with new elements added.
As nice a climate as you can find in the US, this Bay Park home was remade to show the influence of the outside on the interior; in effect making the entire landscape an outdoor room.

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An Appropriate Entry Pathway 
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The entrance is cleared. Note that the entry way has a simple concrete walkway that runs up beside the garage. We are going to replace this with something more spectacular.A flagstone ribboned concrete walkway with stacked stone steps takes a route away from the garage and begins at the side walk. Now the visitors do not have to enter the house through the driveway.As a final nice touch, concrete is acid stained tan, to more easily blend with the softscape and lighting installation.