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Del Cerro / San Carlos 
Front entry drive gate has an old juniper.Now the entrance is opened up with an airier, more climate related plant material statement.The other side of the drive entrance, likewise, was juniper overgrown and in a state of disrepair.Now it matches the other side, open and planted for a "California" look.Now complete, the entrance carries the flagstone edging that will become a common theme helping to "break up" the mass of concrete that dominated the front entry area.The front door area is in a holding pattern as faux stone is applied to the chimney.Moving down the side yard, a major overhaul is in order.Flagstone pathing moves us to the now private rear outdoor living area.The "before photo" of the side entrance.Now complete, we move through a gated entryway to a colored concrete patio outdoor room.Looking back from the rear to the front yard let's see what changes are in store.Enclosed and private, this finished bar-b-que area takes advantage of the wind flow to move the grilling smoke away from the house.The rear main yard is in disarray.Lawn defined with concrete and a spa all add to the comfortable fit this yard now has to the main house.Looking east to the Laguna mountains, we can certainly improve the frame for this photo! After.Continue easterly. Help needed! The lawn is edged with an eclectic flagstone selection that color coordinates with the tinted concrete. Plant material on the fence will hide the neighboring house soon enough.The main area outside of the living area and the master bedroom.Patio complete with spa and furniture. Fencing provides privacy from neighbors as well as concealing utility areas.The exit from the master bedroom area paths through a small shaded garden.The future spa area.The spa area is complete, private and secluded.The small planter area under the master bedroom window breaks up the concrete flow and makes it more "hospitable". No function lost here, but beauty added.Without the lattice, we wold look out on the spa. We don't want to see it, just use it!The perfect rear area for our utility storage site.Cordoned of with fincing and gates on either side, this is the perfect utility spot. Out of sight, out of mind. Granite gravel provides an inexpensive flooring material.
A Del Cerro / San Carlos view home in need of a garden.

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