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University City
Street lawn has mow strip issues and the understory planting has deteriorated. Edging around the tree is an issue as well.The mow strip is rebuilt and moved to the other side of the tree, thus enclosing it in the planter area. Now there is no need to "edge" the lawn around it. The understory is replanted in appropriate low water use and low maintenance materials.Entry side yard needs new fencing as well as a "defined" area for utility use that separates it from the rear "ornamental" yard.New fencing outlines the rear yard. A mow strip of brick defines the planter beds, utility area and the rear lawn keeping with thata same theme, new funcing and mow strip definitions make the yard "flow" from one area to the next. The rear yard has deteriorated to the place where it is no longer used and is an eye sore when looking out of the rear living area and kitchen windows.A side yard that has no gate to the front yard and is rarely used is important in only the view it provides fron the vantage point of the rear yard and the kitchen windows.Here a pleasant "natural" flagstone path provides access to the fig tree for its annual harvest but as importantly, provides a focal point for the rear yard eye view. Plant material is surrounded by a thick natural mulch to lower water demand and provide relief from weed growth.This back corner is the prime rear view from the bar-b-que area as well as the outdoor eating spot and the kitchen. It needs help!New fencing, the continuation of the mow strip, new lawn and plantings are all topped off with a water feature that provides the soothing sound of the water flow as well as a drawing point for birds. Very pleasant!
This University City residence is a prime example of a suburban house that was landscaped when it was new and now the years have taken their toll. Some simple clean-up along with a real "make over" has resulted in a yard that is both functional and beautiful.

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